Hurling session 12 September 2012 Alfie Byrne Rd

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Hurling session 12 September 2012 Alfie Byrne Rd

Start 5.45pm

Finish 7pm


Warm up 5 minutes, walk, slow jog, jog, fast jog




Cones, Goals, Sliotar for every player for the duration of the session. Player brings sliotar with him all throughout session. Skill card for hooking, roll lift, jab lift.


Divide players into groups based on skills. Smaller groups of beginners for more attention. So strongest group should have 10/12 in it. Less skilled groups should have max 6. Skill card to be left at each station for oncoming mentor and group.

Station 1 Ground striking & dribbling 10 minutes

Dribbling and ground striking station. 2 rows of boys. Set up cones so players can dribble through cones and then strike into empty goal. Switch sides so each boy strikes on right and left sides. 5 minutes each side.

Station 2 Roll lift station 10 minutes

Roll lift station. Introduce idea of roll lift technique to players. Why we roll lift etc (beginners lift). Demonstrate roll lift. Get players to execute the roll lift. Attend to any issues, poor technique etc.


For beginners groups stay with roll lift for the 10 min duration.


Introduce jab lift for more advance players.

Station 3 Striking from hand 10 minutes

Catching and striking from the hand. Half boys one side of goal, strike ball from the hand over the bar. Point for each strike over bar, point for each catch. Keep score.

Increase distance from goal for stronger players, reduce distance for less skilled players.


Station 4 Hooking station 10 minutes

Gentle introduction to hooking.


Pair players. First player strikes imaginary sliotar, second player hooks from the rear extending hurley so swing is hooked at the top of the swing.


Conclude with 2 X 7 or 8 a side matches. 10 minutes ground hurling, 5 from the hand.

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