June 21, 2014

Match Reports

Tyrellstown V Raheny (Group 1) - Hurling

 Venue:            Bremore Park
 Throw In: 10:00
 No. of Raheny Teams: 2
 No. of Opponent Teams: 2
 WeatherWarm and Sunny

Raheny Green

Report By: Kieran Doherty

Mentors: Kieran Doherty & Donni Rossi
Squad: Luke Morgan, Sean Quinn, Max Osbourne, Martin Bishop, Cian  Rossi. 

The penultimate week of matches before the summer break brought the Raheny Green team to the distant outpost of Balbriggan to take on O'Dwyers. Conditions were not conducive to ground hurling with long grass and a bumpy pitch, but both home and away teams still put on a fine display. With a few players missing, the regular squad were supplemented this week by Finn Brassil, Ordhran Carmody and Martin Bishop. In the first match the Green team was dominant and secured victory by 6 goals to 1. The goals came from Ordhran, Sean Quinn and Finn, who defied the poor ground conditions with some brilliant cuts. The second match was against a stronger O'Dwyers team and, in a close game, the home side prevailed by 3 goals to 2. Again Finn and Ordhran were on the score sheet. The home side were definitely helped by having plenty of substitutes whereas there was no rest for the Raheny lads. All of the players put in excellent displays. Matthew Dowdall and Tiarnán O'Brien kept the opposition backs on their toes and made some great strikes. Joseph Doherty and Martin Bishop made sure that the opposition forwards had to work hard for every chance and made some great tackles. The goalkeeping duties were shared by Joseph, Ordhran and Sean, and some fine puck outs set the platform for some great Raheny attacks. All in all, it was one of the best performances of the season.

Raheny Red

Report By: Paul Nolan

Mentors: Kevin Fitzpatrick & Paul Nolan
Squad: John Broderick, Max Osborne, Jamie Nolan, Ultan Fitzpatrick, Dylan Strain, Adam Robinson and Joe Bonar.

The first match for the Raheny reds proved to be a difficult encounter as O' Dwyers's policy of 'streaming all their better players onto one team together with the very early loss of John Broderick due to a very sore finger injury meant that we were facing an uphill battle from the off.

Despite this the determination and commitment of the Reds came through again as we battled to a narrow loss.

The second match was a different affair altogether as the Raheny Reds ran out big winners by 7 goals to one with brilliant second half displays by Ultan Fitzpatrick and Max Osborne who both scored two goals a piece. Before that however in the first half Joe Bonar produced a strong performance on two occasions in particular displaying excellent skills in defending to thwart the attacks of the O' Dwyers forwards.

Jamie Nolan in midfield along with Adam Robinson covered every inch of the ground providing a great link between defence and attack as the goals rained in onto the O' Dwyers net in the second half. Dylan strain recovered from a bad knock in the first match to put in a commanding performance at the back shutting out any real threat from the O' Dwyers attack.

In the end it was a well deserved win for the Raheny Reds and the boys can look froward to their last hurling match of the season next Saturday.

Message for the week lads is ' When tackling for the ball - Get in Tight to your man and you will never get hurt'.

Congrats and keep up the good work from coaches Kevin, Paul and John.


Trinity Gaels V Raheny (Group 2) - Hurling

 Venue:            Drumnigh
 Throw In: 10:00
 No. of Raheny Teams: 2
 No. of Opponent Teams: 2
 WeatherSunny and warm

Raheny Blue

By: Joanne Kerrisk

Mentors: Tony Lawless, Joanne Kerrisk & Conor Pitts

On a very warm sunny morning in Trinity Gaels the orange team looked ready for a good morning of hurling. The pitch was much bigger to what the oranges were use to, so they positioned themselves to ensure a lot of ground was covered. From the blow of the first whistle the orange team dominated all over the pitch giving Ciarán in goal a very quite time. Jack and Cathal worked well together in backs with Jack providing long pucks up into Matt and Brian in Mid field providing excellent ball into James and Colin in which they were only to happy to covert into goals. It was very evident James had been practicing his hurling skills at home and worked hard, rewarding him with scoring 2 great goals, well done James. Colin also was hot on the ball in and he too found the back of the net on two occasions. The second half started with 1 position change Colin into goal and Ciarán into forwards. Again the orange team were on fire, demonstrating their skills of tackling to win ball and looking up to find their man before supplying long strikes. This hard work resulted in a frenzy of goals in this half. James (1), Brian (2) and Ciarán (3). One of Ciarán's came from a supply ball from James who had worked tirelessly to win in which Ciarán struck raising it up into the air and over the goalkeepers head for a great score. All the scores today came from great team work from the entire team. The game ended 10 - 0.

As the temperature was rising the orange team took on the second encounter. This match was a much tougher battle as Trinity had plenty of players to substitute and fatigue was starting to set in with the orange team but they continued to battle hard, The first half was scoreless but that came from great goalkeeping from Trinity saving great shots at goal from Jack, Ciarán and Brian. The second half started with 2 changes Cathal into goal, Matt into forwards, James into forwards and Brian into backs. Again this half was fought hard with our backs Brian and Colin defending the orange goal. Jack and Ciarán winning majority of trow in's and James and Matt threatening goals at every chance. Again the Trinity goalkeeper provided his team with a number of saves but Jack worked hard to stop a ball from a buck out, picked Matt out and Matt found the back of the net. The game ended 1 - 0.

Well done Raheny Orange. Keep up the good work!

Raheny Orange

Report By: Padraig Kent

Mentors:  Padraig Kent, Tony O'Grady & Niall Watters
Team: Johnny Baldwin, Dan O'Grady, Conor Watters, Ryan Kent, Mathew Grant, Jamie Ward and Rian Prizeman.

Raheny Orange went on the road to visit Trinity Gaels in their stomping ground on the back roads to Portmarnock.  The venue was picturesque and the sun was splitting the stones.  The grass was a little too long for ground hurling but that was a disadvantage that was equally applied to both teams.  The game started perfectly with Mathew finishing an effort that resembled a moving ruck of ash from the halfway line tip off right over Trinity’s goal line.  Jamie followed with a fine non-dominant side strike that gave their keeper no chance.  Dan was in his element in midfield and needed no invitation to move up in support of his forwards.  In doing so, he got two allowing orange to finish the half 4 goals up.  What was even more impressive was when Trinity did manage to knock the sliotar into our half we were always first to the loose sliotar with Ryan instantly relieving pressure with some fine first time strikes into the right half of the pitch.  In the 2nd half, he got the opportunity to continue but from the forward position and was the 1st to score.  Indeed he had another great strike denied by a fine save from the Trinity keeper.  However his strike partner Johnny was more than happy to step into the breach and finish the job.  With most of the play in the Gaels half of the pitch Trinity bravely did their best to clear their lines.  However our midfield closed the door on every effort to escape.  Ryan finished the game with another fine finish to leave a deficit of 7 goals to nil in favour of Raheny.

Game two was more of the same with Conor getting on the sheet first.  Ryan followed with another fine strike to make his tally for the day equal 3.  Conor got another giving him 2 and Dan added another before the 2nd half also giving him 3 for the day.  The 2nd half was more of the same.  The sliotar stayed in the Gaels end of the field. The fact that they pulled their midfield into their back line and their forwards to midfield did stem the number of goals with Jamie taking the final score.  However it made the job of getting the sliotar out of their end even more of challenge.  The game finished 5 goals to nil however the difference between the teams was far more than the score line itself displayed. The orange crew were always first to a breaking ball.  Every Trinity strike was contested.  Our tackling was excellent.  Although as expected the longer grass slowed the travel of the ball every Raheny strike was followed, dug out and struck again.  Mathew’s efforts in this regard really stood out.  Every time he stuck the sliotar he was the first Raheny man in there to dig it out.  Size of the opponent was not an issue.  He just got in tight with his shoulder and went to work, losing part of his hurl in one encounter.  Indeed the clash of the ash was a repeated chorus throughout both games, especially where Dan and Ryan were involved.   To me this was an indication that the Trinity lads were up for the competition also.  In one encounter, I counted 4 full strikes between Ryan and his opponent before Ryan finally freed the ball into space.  This may not have been Raheny’s toughest encounter but the lads did well and controlled and dominated both games throughout.  Well done lads.