Aug. 30th, 2014: Fingallians and Na Fianna

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Match Reports

Raheny (Group 1) v Fingallians - Hurling

 Venue:            Pitch 12A St. Annes
 Throw In: 10:00
 No. of Raheny Teams: 2
 No. of Opponent Teams: 2
 WeatherWarm and Sunny

Raheny Green

Report By: Niall Watters

Mentors: Niall Watters, John Strain and Brendan Shovlin

SquadConor Watters, John Broderick, Colin McAweeney, Joe Bonar, Tiarnan O'Brien, Mathew Dowdall, and Adam Robinson

The revamped green team faced a strong Fingallian's side in our first outing since the summer league break. The results for Raheny over the two games today were won one and lost one.

The first games ended one to nil in Raheny's favour thanks to a great long range effort from John Broderick. In truth, Raheny's goal was not troubled much during the game but the game was hard fought throughout. There was some great performances in this match from Raheny with John Broderick, Adam Robinson and Colin McAweeney standing out.

Raheny lost out by two goals to one in the second match against Fingallians, who had three excellent players in their side. Again, it was a great match, with plenty of loud clashes of the ash to be heard. Joe Bonar put himself about, Conor Watters did excellent in midfield, Adam Robinson was a revelation in goal, Matt Dowdall was a lion in defence and well done to Tiarnan O'Brien, who was excellent at keeping his position up front and was rewarded with a great turn and strike to score our goal. The winning goal by Fingallians squeezed over the line, in truth this match could have gone either way. Great to be back playing and the lads looked fit, energetic and really got stuck in with tackles and challenges. Roll on next week for football.

Raheny Red

Report By: Joanne Kerrisk

Mentors: Joanne Kerrisk, Tony O'Grady & Kevin Fitzpatrick.

SquadDan O'Grady, Ultan Fitzpatrick, Brian Murray, Jack Codd, Luke Kelly, Ciarán Kerrisk and Callum.

After a long summer break from competitive matches the Red team met at St Anne's to take on a strong Fingallians team from Swords.

Before the match started, the mentors and players welcomed Callum our new Raheny team member.

In the first match, Raheny were feeling a bit rusty from their long break and took a little time to find their stride. The Swords side found the back of the net on 2 occasions but Callum struck the ball in pass their goalkeeper just before half time. In the second half, Raheny started to link up better as a team and took on the Fingallians resulting in a long strike from Ciarán into Ultan with Ultan providing the Reds with a score. The game ended Raheny 2, Fingallians 3.

In the second match, the Reds were more geared up after a team talk from the mentors. It was very evident that they had found their stride with great defending, in particular Jack. His work rate onto the ball to block and send it back up the field was immense. Brian found the back off the net from a ball in from Ciarán. The first half ended one all. In the 2nd half, Dan worked hard in midfield blocking ball and sending it back up to the forwards and Luke stood his ground to defend the Raheny goal. Ultan made a run with the ball and struck the net for a final score. The game ended Raheny 2 Fingallians 1.

The boys played well against a tough Fingallians side. Keep up the good work, train at every chance and listen to your coaches and we'll have a great finish to the season!

Raheny (Group 2) v Na Fianna- Hurling

 Venue:            Mobhi Road
 Throw In: 11:30
 No. of Raheny Teams: 2
 No. of Opponent Teams: 2
 WeatherWarm and overcast

Raheny Orange

Report By: Paul Nolan

Mentors: Paul Nolan, Tony Lawless and Padraig Kent

SquadMatt Lawless, Max Osborne, Ryan Kent, Jamie Nolan, Martin Bishop, Sam Mitchell and Evan Wynne.

In the first match  the Raheny Orange team who had trained really well over the summer months particularly on air hurling took a while to find their feet as we moved back into striking the ball on the ground all the time. A strong Na Fianna team attacked strongly throughout the first half pinning Raheny into their own half for most of the first ten minutes. Fabulous defending by Ryan Kent and Evan Wynne throughout kept this half tight but despite this Raheny conceded two late goals to go into the interval 2 goals to Nil.

A determined team effort in the second half saw Raheny pile on the pressure in search of goals with Max Osborne leading from midfield and forwards Martin Bishop and Jamie Nolan coming close to goals on three occasions.

Despite this great effort Raheny ran out of time and suffered a narrow defeat.

The second match was a thrilling affair which ended in a draw 7 goals for each team. The Raheny star was Matt Lawless who moved upfront and scored 5 goals to secure a great draw. Martin Bishop contributed the other two goals in brilliant fashion. Raheny's ground hurling was much sharper this time out and as a result passing was slick as Raheny moved the ball with speed up to the two front men. Jamie Nolan and Sam Mitchell worked tirelessly in midfield with Max Osborne and Ryan Kent keeping the game tight at the back.

All in all Raheny Orange are very pleased with our first outing of the final third of the season with the new team combinations including the new coaches. A little more time together including more practice of ground hurling will mean that we will go from strength to strength. Roll on next week and our first football match.

Raheny Blue

Report By: Kieran Doherty

Mentors: Kieran Doherty, Donni Rossi & Conor Pitts

Squad: Joseph Doherty, Cian Rossi, James Pitts, Cormac Baldwin, Sean Quinn, Thomas Reddy (Under 7s), Conor Watters & Ultan Fitzpatrick (Raheny Green and Red)

The Blue team resumed their league campaign with a trip to Na Fianna. The hosts have a fine set up and the nice pitch produced some excellent ground hurling. 

The boys found the going tough in the first match with the Raheny goal under pressure for most of the game. James Pitts ploughed a lone furrow up front without much service and the midfield of Thomas Reddy and Sean Quinn were kept busy dealing with the opposition. At the back, Joseph Doherty and Cian Rossi had their work cut out against some very good Na Fianna forwards. Cormac Baldwin was kept busy in goal and made some good saves and struck some long puck-outs. Despite their best efforts the home side's pressure told and the Raheny goal was breached on four occasions. 

The second match was a different matter as superior fitness and reinforcements from the other group produced a Blue team victory. Cormac Baldwin and Cian Rossi shared the goalkeeping duties and had a fairly quiet match due to the superiority of the boys in front of them. Sean Quinn and Thomas Reddy kept the opposition forwards under control with great blocks and tackles. In midfield, Joseph Doherty and Ultan Fitzpatrick controlled the match and provided the forwards with plenty of chances. The first of these to be taken was by Conor Watters with a find strike into the corner of the net. The second goal followed quickly after with a trade mark strike from Ultan. James Pitts was unlucky not to score on a number of occasions and it was from one of his strikes that Joseph scored the third goal with good follow up play. The home team did manage to cut the deficit with two scores of their own but a dominant Raheny ran out victors by three goals to two.

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