Clontarf in Hurling

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Raheny U8s - Full Panel

 Venue:            St. Anne's Pitch 12A
 Throw In: 10:00
 No. of Raheny Teams: 3
 No. of Opponent Teams: 3
 WeatherBright & sunny

Raheny Giants

Report By: Joanne Kerrisk & Kieran Doherty

Mentors: Joanne Kerrisk, Niall Watters & Kieran Doherty

SquadJack Codd, Joseph Doherty, Adam Robinson, Mathew Grant, Cormac Baldwin, Adam Roberts, Dan O'Grady, Conor Watters, Ultan Fitzpatrick, Ciaran Kerrisk & John Broderick.

Today Raheny were up against their neighbours Clontarf on home soil 12A. For the 1st half, we played ground hurling. This half was end-to-end play with no team giving an inch. Jack provided long puck outs, of which Adam Roberts took full advantage of an put into the back of the net on two occasions. Joseph, Adam & Mathew defended their goal well, only allowing Clontarf one opportunity of scoring in this half. Ultan & John worked hard in midfield providing long pucks up to Cormac & Dan who were unlucky not to convert.

In the 2nd half Raheny were getting into their stride with the opportunity of playing air hurling. Adam did well finding his man with his accurate puck outs. John in midfield worked tirelessly up and down the pitch. Jack, Ultan and Conor notably fought hard in every battle for the ball. When under pressure to raise the ball all of the Raheny team made the right decision to play it on the ground lessening the chance of loosing possession. Ciaran provided the only hand catch of the game but was unlucky not to get a skill point for it as it was just under the 10 meters.

A very tight game and Raheny were unlucky to loose out. It ended Raheny 2 goals to Clontarf 1 goal and 1 point.

The second game against Clontarf was also closely fought but this time the Raheny boys came out on top. Goalkeeping duties were shared between Adam Robinson and Cormac and some good stops meant that the Clontarf team remained scoreless, The goal minders were ably assisted by the backs especially in the first half when Ultan, John and Adam Roberts were put under pressure but did not wilt and managed to clear the danger.

There were plenty of tough challenges in midfield by Joseph, Dan and Adam Robinson who never allowed the opposition any time to create chances. In attack, Matthew kept the Clontarf backs busy, but it was Jack who broke the deadlock in the first half with a sweet strike which gave the goalkeeper no chance. Raheny's other score came in the second half when the game reverted to air hurling. There were some great pick-ups and strikes but pride of place must go to a fine strike by Ciaran from a 65 which sailed over the bar.

Great matches to watch, credit to both teams.

Raheny Lions

Report By: Paul Nolan

Mentors: Tony Lawless and Paul Nolan

Squad:Johnny Baldwin, Jamie Nolan, Max Osborne, Matt Lawless, Rudi Kellett-Whelan, Brian Murray, Colin Mc Aweeney, Matthew Dowdall, Martin Bishop, Luke Kelly

A New Squad of Raheny Lions took to the field for their first hurling match against a well drilled Clontarf team. The Lions started out of the blocks at pace and showed their superior hurling skills and strength in racing into a 1 goal and 1 point to a goal lead at half time. The mid-field dominance of both Johnny Baldwin and Matt Lawless provided the platform for this great start. Max Osborne scored a goal with a well taken strike and Matt Lawless scored a brilliant point from play that had even the Clontarf mentors applauding from the sidelines.  The second half was a lot closer affair as we moved to 'air' hurling. Clontarf battled back and scored two goals despite the solid defending of Brian Murray, Matt Dowdall and Martin Bishop but Raheny lions held out for the win.

In the second match against the same team, Raheny' s superior structure and passing overwhelmed the same opposition. Some great attacking play from Jamie Nolan and Rudi-Kellett Whelan kept Clontarf pushed back towards their goals and the scores started to come easily. The Lions won very well by 2 goals and 3 points to Nil with great striking from all the boys but in particular a couple of 45's from Matt Lawless and two poacher type goals from Martin Bishop. The skill of picking the ball from the ground proved a challenge for most of the lads as Clontarf gave us little time on the ball.

This is an area for more practice particularly being able to move the ball to space away from the opposition player before choosing to pick it up.

Raheny Tigers

Report By: Padraig Kent

Mentors: Donni Rossi, John Strain and Padraig Kent

Squad: Sam Mitchell, Oscar Thomas, Ryan Kent, Alex Morrissey, Evan Wynne, Dylan Strain, Joe Bonner, Cathal Shovlin, Tiernan O'Brien & Cian Rossi.

The Raheny Tigers lined out against 10 of Clontarf’s best last Saturday on Pitch 12a in St Anne’s.  The day spoiled us with warm sunshine in November. The pitch was a little soft after the previous night’s down pour however all the boys were excited about meeting our neighbours and close rivals Clontarf for the first time in over a year in competition.  The day brought other first’s too with a bigger pitch than the lads had been used to and fielding ten players at a time rather than the traditional 7 that they were used to.  However they would have time to become familiar with all these firsts as they were to play this same group in two consecutive games.  The first game was not a high scoring event however the sheer physical effort from both teams was awesome to watch.  The battle for the 1st 10 minutes was a midfield one with brilliant first time striking from Sam Mitchell, Ryan Kent and Alex Morrissey.  Much of the 1st period was spent in the Clontarf half with the Tigers only failing to push the sliotar over their line.  The 2nd ten minutes allowed for some air hurling and with that Clontarf came to our goal.  However with Evan Wynne and Cathal Shovlin in the back line ably assisted by Tiernan O’Brien,  Oscar Thomas had little to do in Goal. The first game ended scoreless however despite great pressure the lads were making every effort to lift the Sliotar.

For game 2 both Clontarf and Raheny coaches decided to give the lads the chance to work on their Air hurling.  Again it was a very tight affair with Adam Savage really starting to shine in the forward line with some great lifts despite incessant pressure from the Clontarf backs.  Cathal Shovlin moved into goal and demonstrated some fine puc outs.  Ryan Kent moved into the backs and Evan and Oscar moved to midfield with Sam whose energy levels and tackles were amazing.   Ryan managed some great lifts and despite pressure coupled them with strong puc’s up the field to Joe Bonner and Dylan Strain waiting patiently to get in on the action.  The final score was to go Clontarf’s way after winning a free under the posts and a goal mouth scramble to scrape a goal.  However it must be said each one of these young Tigers grew in confidence and show great promise for the future.  Well done Tigers.