Hurling Blitz - Away - Barrog and Na Fianna - 26/9/15

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Raheny U9s 

 Venue:            Pitch 12, St. Annes
 Throw In: 10am
 No. of Raheny Teams: 3
 No. of Opponent Teams: 6

Report by Padraig Kent

The lions strolled onto Baróg pitch 13 in St Anne’s last Saturday morning with great anticipation.  They had looked on in admiration week in week out from their own battle scarred venue of pitch 12a, at the lush green and very even top coat of this under used accessory and wondered how the other half lived.  Now they were about to find out first hand and it would be Baróg that they would first use to test it.  From the tip it was obvious who was in charge with the sliotar spending most of its time in the Baróg half.  With Ryan, Jack and Matt Dowdall in the back line Matt Lawless was to have little to do  between the sticks.  Where Baróg were more than competent at ground hurling and our lads practice it very little it was a competition of sorts for the first period.  Our forwards made the enthusiastic error of drifting into midfield to support their own but brought their defenders with them.  Although we were clearly on top in the middle we were losing it when we went forward. A stalemate existed in the first half even when we started to Air hurl.  However in the 2nd half as soon as we were allowed to lift we looked like a different team.  Matt Lawless was the first to strike with an excellent puc  from 15metres.  I’m sure if the Baróg keeper had seen it coming he would have been able to do very little.  Luke wrapped it up a few minutes later with an excellent point from play.  Though Baróg got a goal at the end it merely painted a picture of respectability to a clash where Raheny were always in the driving seat.

Our second encounter was Na Fianna and  similar to the first game our first half was a battle in the middle where the opposition gave no quarter but did not appear to be have any real graw to threaten our goal.  Once again our backs were excellent with Matt Ryan and Jack in complete control and leaving Adam to recover from the exertions of the first game in goal. Evan Ciarán and Mathew Grant were tireless up front and when we at last got a chance to air hurl Na Fianna realised they were in a blitz and Raheny were conducting the raid.  Credit must go to the opposition for their tenacity and managing against all odds to keep a clean sheet the first half.  The second half was different  and though na Fianna’s commitment remained soon Raheny found a crack which Matt Lawless found and punished with extreme prejudice.  It was a fine puc that sailed over the crossbar form 20 metres.  Four goals followed with Sam first in line threading a needle between 4 defenders, finding a gap that the keeper didn’t know was there until the sliotar whizzed past his ear into the net.  Luke stepped up to take advantage of a poor clearance to rattle the back of the net with another.  Mathew grant was soon after with a similar strike and the game closed after the other Matt finished as he had started the day with another fine goal.  It was obvious to all who enjoyed the encounter how much the lions had improved since they last met both of these groups.  It seems to me where Na Fianna and Baróg are both obviously still practicing ground hurling it was the only period of both games where they seemed capable of competing with Raheny.  Once the signal was given to lift the sliotar, Raheny appeared to be from a different age group.  Well done the Lions for a great mornings work.

Report by Tony O'Grady.

Report by Joanne Kerrisk