Match Report - Hurling - Erin Isle - 10/10/15

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Raheny U9s 

 Venue:            Finglas
 Throw In: 11am
 No. of Raheny Teams: 3
 No. of Opponent Teams: 3
 WeatherOvercast and mild


Report by Padraig Kent

The Lions were on duty in Finglas this morning at Erin’s Isle.  Weather conditions were perfect and the Islanders had the tractor in this week so we weren’t going to lose the sliotar in the long grass today.  With a good turnout both teams with 10 young men ready to play.   There would be no subs today.  However the pitch was minimum dimensions and there wasn’t much open space or room to manoeuvre out there.  We started with ground hurling and the Islanders gave a good account of themselves competing for ever loose ball.  It was obvious however that we had the opposition under pressure from very early on and though they hurled well to get the ball out of their own half, our midfield group of Ciarán Matt Lawless and Luke sent it straight back up to our forwards, leading to some desperate clearances many going straight over the side line.  Ciaran was assigned side-line balls and every cut was better than the previous.  The only respite came from the Islanders puc outs.  They had a good man between the posts and they needed it because he had to go long every time with the Raheny men picking up every player in their back line to midfield.  This gave Jack, Ryan and Matt Dowdall their first real taste of the game as they cleared out anything coming past mid field.  When the Referee signalled for Air Hurling the Lions went up another gear and it was only a matter of time before the Islanders net was rattled.  The assist came from Colin who was a man on a mission playing down the left wing, as he sent the sliotar into the goalmouth.  The opposition Goalie thought he had the situation covered but Luke Morgan stepped up and took it off his hurl and broke his heart and the back of the net.  The tight spaces and the physicality shown by both sides presented opportunities for free taking but when they came our way we made sure we were in their half.  Luke McCullough got one on the halfway line and sent it high and over the bar and even more importantly right between the posts causing spontaneous applause from the opposition coaches.   Although we were well in control at this point the Islanders redoubled their efforts and came back at us.  Our back line held strong each man tackling for all he was worth.  Some nice pieces of skill were on display too with Matt Dowdall’s work rate off the scale.  Ryan’s tackling was also excellent.   He intercepted two over head shots taking them both on his hurl and sent straight back up the field.  Evan kept a clean sheet in the first half between our posts and his puc outs were excellent. 

In the second half the opposition came back with a goal during the ground hurling period.  They drew some breath from this and they commenced a final stand with some terrific hurling on show from both sides. However Raheny kept their head and when there was a free to be taken Luke McCullough did the business with another extremely well taken puc.  In our front line it must be mentioned that Rudi was nothing short of a class apart for the whole match.  He was an example of exactly what we are looking for in our young men.  He tackled like he was the last man between himself and his goal and never allowed an easy clearance to the islanders.  Indeed on more than one occasion the defender would look down to see he was combing the grass as Rudi had dipped him and was already heading to goal with his prize.  This was a great morning’s work by the Lions and the score of 1 goal and two points to 1 goal was just one of the things they should be proud of.  Well done.



Report by Kieran Doherty

The Raheny Giants achieved a well-deserved victory over Erin’s Isle in Finglas on Saturday. The final score of 2-2 (8) to 3-0 (3) gave the Giants a comfortable 5 point winning margin.

Before throw-in, the mentors had emphasised the need for the Giants to make a strong start to the game, stand up to the physical challenges that they would face, and remember the skills that had been covered in the week’s training.

The boys certainly rose to the challenge and the headlines will go to Cormac Baldwin who scored two brilliant points and a goal, but this really was a strong team effort. Dan O’Grady scored the other Raheny goal and was unlucky not to add to his tally. There were assured performances between the sticks from Adam Roberts in the first half and Jamie Nolan in the second; their accurate puck-outs set up a number of Raheny attacks.

John Broderick, Joseph Doherty and Ultan Fitzpatrick were mainly deployed in midfield and defence and were tireless in their challenges and unflinching in their tackles. In a well-contested encounter, Adam Robinson, Jamie Nolan, Max Osborne and Conor Watters kept the opposition under pressure and showed their superior hurling skills all over the pitch. There were some great examples of hooking and hand-passing.

The home side’s scores were courtesy of some lax marking by Raheny so this is something the Giants can work on. Otherwise, the boys can be proud of their performance. They were stronger in their challenges and more skilful with the sliotar. Well done all!

Report by John Strain