Naomh Barrog-Hurling-11/4/15

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Raheny U9s 

 Venue:            St. Annes Pitch 12      
 Throw In: 11am
 No. of Raheny Teams: 3
 No. of Opponent Teams: 3
 WeatherSunny and mild.

Raheny Lions

Report By: Padraig Kent

Mentors: Padraig Kent, Joannne Kerrisk, Tony Lawless and Paul Nolan

SquadMax Osborne, Ciaran Kerrisk, Martin Bishop, Brian Murray, Adam Roberts, Rian Prizeman, Johnny Baldwin, Jamie Nolan, Adam Savage and Ryan Kent.

There was certainly something different in the preparation for Saturday morning’s encounter with our nearest neighbours Naomh Barróg.  All the Lions were focused on the job ahead and eager for the throw in.  That is the norm however there was certainly an uneasy excitement among them.  These young men always eager to demonstrate the skills they are working so hard to sharpen were to be measured against a neighbouring club that had gotton the better of them at their last meeting.  They were determined it was not to be a repeat performance.  They knew they had improved, but realised that Barróg most likely had aswell!  This attitude was apparent from the very first clash of Ash milliseconds after the referee released the sliotar.  With Ciarán and Adam Roberts starting in the middle, Barróg were immediately stuck with a  physical force that put them on the back foot.  The initial 5 minutes after the whistle was spent within 10 metres of the Barróg posts.  With Martin, Rian and Jonny up front receiving excellent service from their midfield counterparts, the Barróg keeper must have felt like the field had been lifted a one end and he wasn’t at the top. Even when they managed to clear their lines our midfield applied pressure until the sliotar was again fired back into our forward line.  After a time the Barróg midfield had retreated to support their backs and two of their forwards had retreated to the midfield to support their intended breakout.  This only facilitated Brian and Max to get closer to the action venturing further up the field.  This time when the sliotar came out to midfield it was our backs that were first to make contact.  No opposition strike was unopposed with Max especially showing great skill in taking loose ball into space and hammering it up field.  Seven minutes in and the Barróg goal was starting to resemble a busy hurling wall.  Finally a strike from Rian probably would have made it all the way but the turf was little long for ground hurling.  Nevertheless there was always Jonny queing up to finish the job and two Barróg hurls were not going to deny him this time.  The Puc out was possibly the first respite the Barróg Back line had received and even when the sliotar came into our half Brian and Max were first to challenge.  Ryan made the middle ground in front of goal his own with some very useful first time strikes.  Jamie had very little to do in goal except Puc out.  As per usual they were big ones and very precise. When the referee signalled to allow the boys to start lifting the game became more open but still quite one sided.  With so many Barróg players getting behind the ball the next crack in their defence was delivered courtesy of Martin with a fine ground strike in front of their goal. 

The 2nd half was more of the same.  Coach Paul was very happy with the situation.  Padraig reminded everyone to go into contact shoulder first and hurley second and never let the opposition the opportunity to wind up for a strike before challenging.  Adam Roberts moved back to defence and Ryan moved into midfield.  Adam Savage joined the fray up front and Johnny took a well earned short rest.  Ground hurling continued and the Raheny tacking was taking its toll with the Barróg defence under constant pressure.  Ciarán got a half chance pushing up from midfield and their keeper saw it at the last second coming out of a crowd and whizzing past into his net.  Still his puc out afforded Barróg their only score, delivered past mid-field and doubled on upto a forward playing deep struck it well from 10 metres.  Jamie was unsighted and could do little.  The referee signalled to allow the boys to lift and it was great to see the Raheny men continue to do so successfully even under pressure.  Ciarán then completed the move of the game, lifting a loose ball under pressure the defenders assumed a right handed player would strong side it to goal.  Of course everyone in a Raheny shirt knew what would happen next.  Ciarán didn’t disappoint as he turned and weak sided it over the bar from 15 metres.  Just before the final whistle the exact same thing happened again.  This time a little further out and the strike hadn’t got the legs to get over the bar but once again up popped Jonny and broke their keeper’s heart.  Final score 7 points to 1 for Raheny in a game where our boys rarely put a foot wrong and demonstrated far more importantly their continued improvement.  Well done Lions on a great job well done.

Raheny Giants

Report By: Kieran Doherty

Mentors: Tony O'Grady, Niall Watters & Kieran Doherty

Squad: Dan O'Grady, Conor Watters, Joseph Doherty, Rudi Kellet-Whelehan, Matt Lawless, John Broderick, Cormac Baldwin, Colin McAweeney & Adam Robinson.

On a bright fresh morning the Raheny Giants travelled no more than the distance of a decent puck-out to the pitch of neighbours Niamh Barrog.

The Raheny boys got straight to business with their ground hurling game and their early superiority was rewarded with two goals from fine strikes by Cormac Baldwin. Much of the credit for the second goal must go to John Broderick with a great block down and pass. John also demonstrated fine skills with his sideline cuts.

Raheny's first point came from Dan O’Grady with a perfect lift and strike which sailed between the posts, and he doubled his tally with another fine strike in the second half. When the game changed to air hurling the Naomh Barrog boys started to show some form and put some points on the board. Ultan Fitzpatrick and Joseph Doherty were tireless in their challenges as the opposition upped their game. Rudi Whelan kept the Barrog backs under pressure with a great battling performance which was rewarded with a goal in the second half. Colin McAweeney, Adam Robinson and Conor Watters made some great challenges and strikes throughout the game and Matt Lawless kept Raheny on the front foot with his fine puck-outs from goal.

At the final whistle the Giants were unlucky to be on the losing end of a score of 3 goals and 2 points to the opposition's 2 goals and 3 points, but can be proud of their contribution to a highly competitive match between two good teams

Raheny Tigers

Report By: Brendan Shovlin

Mentors: Brendan Shovlin and Conor Pitts


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