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Club Motto & Crest

In the late 1970’s the then executive identified the need for a club crest. The secretary at the time was Brendan Lee (secretary 1965 – 1973 and 1974 – 1996) and he undertook to follow up on this project. He approached his son Tony Lee (secretary 1996 – present) to come up with a design. Tony created a simple design as below:

His mother Eithne Bn. Ui Laoi then enhanced this and in doing so introduced an old Irish proverb – Ni neart go cur le Cheile (there’s no strength without working together) as the club motto.

The One Club Logo

After the clubhouse was built in 1981 the executive identified the need for something fitting to go into the clubhouse lobby.

Eithne was approached in this regard and she identified a Celtic interwoven image from a book titled “The  Rediscovery of Irelands Past, The Celtic Revival 1830 - 1930“ which she felt represented the club motto. She designed and painted her own interpretation of this as seen below:

In 2011 the club were involved in producing a 5-year plan. As part of this process it was identified that we needed a logo to represent the fact that we were and indeed still are a “One Club” (we promote Men’s Hurling & Football, Camogie and Ladies Gaelic Football equally)

Tony Lee (Antoin O Laoi) undertook to address this. In doing so he decided that he would use his mothers’ illustration which had hung in the club lobby for over 20 years and was only disposed of after being destroyed by water damage.

He redesigned the illustration into a triangular shape as a logo to represent the 3 associations involved coming together as the “One Club”

He discreetly signed this with his initials As Gaeilge and those of Marius Herbert (club member). There are two separate interwoven threads running through the logo. One represents the 3 Associations (GAA, Camogie and Ladies Gaelic Football) being interwoven as a single club. The other recognises the likes of the Wednesday night music sessions as being very much part of the club. The beginning of these two threads are shaped with an M and a H. The initials AOL are evident at the 3 points of the logo as seen below:

(There is no strength without working together)