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Coaching Drills

In line with the launch of Raheny Way Coaching Manual in 2011 we are currently preparing a 5 Year Coaching & Player Development Plan which will aim to bring more consistency to our coaching standards and more professionalism in the organisation of our various under age teams.

We propose to assemble panels of experienced coaches, mentors and support personnel in order to further improve the coaching standards for underage teams and to improve the organisation involved around each team.

Our aim is to put a structure in place for each underage team comprising of a Coach, 3 / 4 Mentors to assist the Coach and other personnel to administer the team thereby significantly spreading the workload and allowing the coaches to focus entirely on player development.

Our aim would be to have a program of continuous further development for the Coaches in order to improve their skills and strengthen any weaknesses that they may perceive they have

Below please find our training procedures in pdf.  We hope you find this useful.

Amimated drills - Basic
Basic Drill[1]   Basic Drill[2]   Basic Drill[3]   Basic Drill[4]
Basic Drill[5]   Basic Drill[6]   Basic Drill[7]   Basic Drill[8]
Basic Drill[9]   Basic Drill[10]   Basic Drill[11]   Basic Drill[12]
Basic Drill[13]    Basic Drill[14]   Basic Drill[15]  

Amimated drills - Intermediate 
Intermediate drill[1]     Intermediate Drill[2]   Intermediate Drill[3]
Intermediate Drill[4]
Intermediate Drill[5]   Intermediate Drill[6]    Intermediate Drill[7]    Intermediate Drill[8]
Intermediate Drill[9]       Intermediate Drill[11]   Intermediate Drill[12]
Intermediate Drill[13]    Intermediate Drill[14]   Intermediate Drill[15]   Intermediate Drill[16] 

Attacking play and scoring drills
Developing Attacking Play   Kicking For Scores   Kicking Scores

Defencive drills
Coachin The Tackle   Coaching Defensive Play   Coaching the Tackle I
Coaching the Tackle II   The Tackle     

Underage drills 
Coaching Manual   coachingResourcesPriceList   Cul Camp Hurling-guide
Go Games   Primary Coaching   U6 Drills
 U7 Drills   U8 &U10 Drills    U8 Drills 
 U10 & U12 Hurling Drills    U-Can Awards Football Age 11-13   U-Can Awards Football Age7-12 
 U-Can Awards Hurling Age 11-13   U-Can Awards Hurling     Under Age Study

Better Team Play   Coaching Drills 3   Coaching Drills 1
Coaching Drills 2   Coaching Tips   Developing the Big Man
Fitness With the Football   Games For Training Pitch   Indoor Hurling Coaching 2007