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First Round Juvenile Championship Fixtures 2012

posted Aug 21, 2012, 12:11 AM by Kevin Brassil   [ updated Aug 21, 2012, 12:16 AM ]

2012- Juvenile Championship Fixtures
DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Saturday 1st September 2012
Un 16 A (Round 1)1/9/122pmLucan AVOl Plunketts
1/9/122pmNa FiannaVBallyboden A
1/9/122pmN JudeVN Uinsionn
Un 16 B- Gp 1  (Round 1)1/9/122pmN BridVSkerries Harps
1/9/122pmFaughs/CelticVN Mearnog
Un 16 B-Gp 2 (Round 1)1/9/122pmG CounselVRaheny
1/9/122pmWhitehall VBye
Un 16 C-Gp 1 (Round 1)1/9/122pmCastleknockVErin Go Bragh
1/9/122pmN PeregrinesVLucan B
Un 16 C- Gp 2 (Round 1)1/9/122pmN FionnbarraVBallyboden B
1/9/122pmCualaVKilmacud Crokes
Un 14 A-Gp 1 (Round 1)1/9/1212pmGood CounselVBallyboden A
1/9/1212pmSt JohnsVLucan A
Un 14 A- Gp 2 (Round 1)1/9/1212pmN UinsionnVN Jude
1/9/1212pmN Brid VNa Fianna
Un 14 B- Gp 1 (Round 1)1/9/1212pmThos DavisVOl Plunketts
1/9/1212pmCuala vVCrumlin
Un 14 B- Gp 2 (Round 1)1/9/1212pmKilmacudVFaughs/Celtic
Un 14 C- (Round 1)1/9/1212pmSkerries HaprsVLucan B
1/9/1212pmN OlafVN Padraig
1/9/1212pmN Maur/O'DwyerVWhitehall
Un 14 D- (Round 1)1/9/1212pmBallyboden BVNa Fianna B
1/9/1212pmErin Go BraghVTrinity Gaels
Sunday 2nd September 2012
Un 15 A- (Round 1)2/9/1211amN JudeVErins Isle
2/9/1211amLucan AVOl Plunketts
Un 15 B- Gp 1 (Round 1)2/9/1211amSt FiniansVRaheny
2/9/1211amGood CounselVN Jude B
Un 15B- Gp 2 (Round 1)2/9/1211amN OlafVNa Fianna
2/9/1211amSt JohnsVBye
Un 13 A- Gp 1 (Round 1)2/9/1210amCastleknock AVLucan A
2/9/1210amBallyboden AVKilmacud
Un 13 A- Gp 2 (Round 1)2/9/1210amN UinsionnVNa Fianna A
2/9/1210amFaughs/CelticVN Mearnog
Un 13 B- Gp 1 (Round 1)2/9/1210amGood CounselVSt Johns
2/9/1210amN JudeVOl Plunketts
Un 13 B-Gp 2 (Round 1)2/9/1210amN PeregrieneVN Brid
2/9/1210amErins IsleVRaheny
Un 13 C - (Round 1)2/9/1210amN FionnbarraVLucan B
2/9/1210amThos DavisVCastleknock B
2/9/1210amBallyboden BVCuala
Un 13 D- (Round 1)2/9/1210amCr CiaranVSt Annes
2/9/1210amNa Fianna BVN Barrog
Any unplayed matches due to adverse weather conditions or permission of the county board must be played on or before Monday 10th September 6.45pm